5 Content Distribution Tactics That Can Boost Your SEO

When we say digital marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is the content. Content what makes the digital marketing world go round. Whether it is a simple blog post or a viral video, content is a driving force in this thriving industry.

Content is also important in SEO, especially when establishing your web presence. If you are aiming to use content to enhance your SEO strategies, here are some cheap SEO tips for content marketing and distribution that you can use:

  1. Web syndication

Content syndication has been around for quite some time, but its full potential is yet to realize, especially when it comes to boosting your SEO efforts. Content syndication merely refers to the process of pushing your content through third-party sites, either to be used as snippets or thumbnails. The idea is to gain traction and engagement on related topics and context that can lead to brand exposure or boosting traffic. But be sure to share only your best content when going for this tactic.

  1. Paid content promotions

Advertising your content is one great way to spread the word. Paid content promotion can help increase brand recall and enhance brand authority. In terms of SEO, this can help increase or drive traffic to a particular page and increase page visits. But before you go for this strategy, it would be best if you can set a specific goal so you can measure and quantify the result in terms of Google Analytics.

  1. Brand ambassadors

Influencer marketing has been used by brands to reach out to audience in a more humane way. Having a trusted personality promote the product can help enhance one’s brand image and gain more followers and audience. In terms of SEO, using an influencer to promote a content can be an additional referral to increase page visits.

  1. Use graphics and videos

If you need to standout in the sea of content, you need something to wow your audience. Videos and graphics will do. Repurposing your content into videos and other form of graphic s can help with content awareness and increase the probability of page visits by the same people who view the graphic or videos.

  1. Creative targeting

Creative targeting is simply engaging audience in social media to share your links and content. As simple as tagging a person relevant to the content increase content shares and pages visits and boost brand mentions.

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