Things To Do To Enjoy Your Dubai Trip Wholeheartedly

Dubai, the focal point of tourism and traveling attractions in the GCC region. You will not regret a moment you’ve spend in this city for a number of reasons. In fact, every moment will bring you joy, excitement, fun and adventure the likes of which you’ve never experienced before. Nothing about this city is ordinary. You will come across some of the most amazing sights in this city that you may not have had so much fun elsewhere. There is a peculiarity about Dubai, something that you will not notice even when touring other GCC countries. You begin to feel that Dubai is very close to your heart. A strange feeling like you own the city and are a part of it, even though you had to come to the city traveling thousands of miles. It is one of the things you will notice the moment you land on the airport. Though it may well be just a feeling caused due to excitement, but the city has so much fun on offer that you will have a great time during the trip. Here is more on what things you might enjoy doing during your Dubai stay:

Cuisines From All Over The World

Although it is up to you to start your trip to Dubai the way you want, it may be a great idea to give the taste of Dubai a try first. Start your trip by eating Khuzi, the national dish of Dubai. It will surely help awaken the true spirit of Dubai in you. In the meantime, there are other local cuisines that you will dearly enjoy. Give a try to other foods like Shawarma, Al Harees, Machboos, Dates and Hummus among others. Once you are done with the food, it is time to look to do other activities.

Ferry Ride

Though you can choose to do some other activity, we thought it might suit you to take a ferry ride first. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you are doing it for the first time. You will be passing from Bur Dubai region, a place that separates one part of the city from the mainland Dubai. It is quite an experience to see Dubai from the dark and silent waters of Bur Dubai.

You will notice the sheer beauty of the city as it is visible during night time. The reflection of the city over the water is another unique sight. Once you are done, know that your tour has just begun.



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